Brazil 2022/23 Goalkeeper Jersey
Designed the unique goalkeeper jersey for Brazil for 2022 World Cup.

(from official Nike release) The 2022 Brazilian collection embodies vibrant audacity. This attitude, a balance of national pride and youth culture, is highlighted in the unique onça-pintada knit patterns of the home kit and print on the away kit sleeves. The onça-pintada—or jaguar—is a ubiquitous national symbol of spirit and grit and reflects the Brazilian team’s style of play.

Original intention of the goalkeeper jersey is that it is unique and one-of-a-kind. Just like the onça-preta, black jaguar. Using the same pattern as the home jersey but with a different color theory.

In June 11 2023, Brazil national team wore this jersey as a statement against racism. They wore it the first half of a friendly game against New Guinea. This was part of the anti-racism campaign from the Brazil national team "Contra o racismo não tem jogo". For the first time ever, Brazil national team wore a black jersey for a game.

Tamo junto
photography by Nike Football
Thank you to the collaborators for making this happen: Justin Atallian, Austin Nelson, Michael Vorel, Mauricio Cordel, Dan Farron, Emily Meyers, Lindsay Smith, Rolando Cruz, Peter Erdahl, Alisson Becker (for the inspiration), CBF Futebol, Nike Football design crew, 
friends and family for your support.
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